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Steven Crawford

Steven L. Crawford, MBA, Certified Financial Fiduciary®, RFC®, National Social Security Advisor®, also known as The Retirement Wealth Coach®, is CEO and Managing Partner of FIG Wealth Advisors and Ford Insurance Group. He has 19 years’ experience in the insurance and financial services industry, winning several awards working as a “Foundation Capital and Retirement Specialist.” In addition, Mr. Crawford is a member of the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers®, National Ethics Association, National Black MBA Association and a Hall of Famer with a youth sports organization (Pembroke Pines Optimist) in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Furthermore, Steve is a member of an exclusive group of only 3% of the nation's advisors who has specialized retirement products with two of the leading money management firms in the world just for his clients.

About the Book

The Success Formula

Everyone is searching for a formula for success, but there is no one, single formula for everyone as our needs, wants and wishes vary from individual to individual. On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that those who have achieved success have many qualities in common. The attributes of vision, risk-taking, passion, planning, focus and perseverance are typically utilized in various proportions to accomplish success.

On the journey to success, the first-timer must identify a goal, as the goal determines your actions. Then there is your measurement of success. One commonly-used gauge of success is financial progress. Other yardsticks include public acclaim, spiritual progress, personal health, knowledge, improved self-esteem and confidence … and the list goes on. What is yours?

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by Steven Crawford

Many of us have heard all of the secrets and lessons “Mamas” have taught us for many years. For example, “always look both ways before crossing the street” or “don’t touch the stove because it’s hot!” Well, Mamas always have known best and I can surely appreciate some of the lessons I’ve learned from my “mama.” One of the things I remember about my “mama” is her reading all of those childhood stories like Bambi, The Cat in the Hat, and this one in particular, Cinderella.

We all can remember the story where Cinderella was mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters and made to do all of the menial chores, while her stepsisters were allowed to prepare for the ball in hopes of meeting the handsome prince. If you can recall, Cinderella’s fairy godmother granted her the wish which eventually allowed her to attend the ball, but she had to leave before midnight after which everything would return to normal. Eventually, as we learn, Cinderella loses her slipper which led to the Prince searching for the owner of the glass slipper. That led to a mass proclamation to find who would fit this slipper that was worn by Cinderella.


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